Buyers Guide Review

Updated July 12, 2020

Buyers Guide Review

JOBST FarrowHybrid ADI Liners 20-30mmHg: Taupe, Medium, Standard - JOBSTŪ FarrowHybrid


JOBST Farrow.
Hybrid ADI Foot Compression is suitable for mild to moderate edema and is a great alternative to using a footpiece. It provides 20-30mm.
Hg compression to the foot and ankle while functioning as a noncompressive liner above the ankle.
Complements Farrow.
WrapŪ legpieces.
Low profile foot compression that can be worn with dress shoes Easy to don.
Standard and wide sizes available.
Note: Daylong recommends that you contact a nurse, GP or pharmacist to ensure that compression hosiery is appropriate for you. If so, you will then need to be measured in order to obtain the correct size which will ensure that the hosiery works correctly and feels comfortable...... (more)

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